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Northern Brights Premium Guitar Strings| About Us

Northern Brights originated at an isolated lodge in the heart of Northern Ontario, Canada by passionate musicians who became far too-familiar with strings that just didn't last. 

We spent years searching for an alternative to the name-brand strings, that offered long-lasting tone and feel, for a better price. Fast-forward 10 years and move to Australia, we finally had put together the strings we were searching for all these years. We immediately noticed that the cost of guitar strings in Australia is nearly double what it is in North America, which set us in motion to deliver premium guitar strings for less than the cost of the imported major brands. Why spend more than you have to for quality strings?
By modifying the composition in the alloys used in the manufacture of our strings, we were able to dial in a fully-balanced set of strings that finally lived up to our expectations. 

This means when you buy a set of Northern Brights, you can expect a set of strings that not only sound great, but also feel great and last. 

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